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Drupal, seriously WTF??

This morning, like almost every morning I started with catching up on my Twitter feed and saw a tweet from Josef (@dasjo) that really pissed me of.

To recapture, apparently Dries 'had' to ask Larry (Crell) to leave the drupal community because of his private life style. This goes so deep against my believes as a human being I had to write a comment on Dries his blog post. And just in case my comment might not make it true the administration review I cross posted it on my own site.


waiting for approval.

the comment itself

I really don't care about Larry's private life, I do care about the maturity of the Drupal project. And I do believe you as project crossed a line here. Of course there are two sides of this story, but to ask a person to leave the project of what he MIGHT do in his private life. Yet you are still daring to use the words diversity and inclusion in your post. This reeks of so much the same FUD you're battling with when it comes to positioning Drupal against proprietary systems.

Are you really becoming that american? Because you are mimicking the behaviour of being a goody two shoes, that rather hiddes 'scary' things in a closet, then openly admitting people can have a 'alternative' lifestyle compared to commons?

In all the years i've been following the Drupal project, being a part of this community, seeing Larry talk quite a few times on various official D.O cons and smaller camps he NEVER EVER talked about his Gorean lifestyle, this in great contrast to some of the LGBT members of our community. 

If you really honestly cared about the diversity in our community Dries, I dare you to address the elephant in the room, eat some humble pie and try your best to reverse this horrible mistake. That is, if Larry is still willing to be a part of this community after all this.